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The Floating French Horn by Eric Michell
Jacana Sculptured Legs in Pewter with Partridge Feather Shade
Tilt light
Murano Glass Vase Table Lamp
Floor standing lamp
Oilvio Table Lamp

About us


As the Directors we, Loraine Daniels and Louise Stile, are delighted to bring you Bella Luce Exquisite Lighting. Offering you, the discerning customer, a compact range of exquisite, unusual and high-quality lighting, sourced globally and locally and very different from that available on the high street. The coupling of our employment histories and backgrounds combined with a passion for our products provides us with the firm belief that we are able to deliver an exceptionally high level of customer service in a market that is lacking outlets in this field.

Whilst the intention of Bella Luce is to present you with unique and very individual pieces, we also have a small range of products which will appeal if you are looking for a gift, enticing you in and giving us the opportunity to form and build a relationship, leading towards your bigger, more considered purchases. Our lighting is not just about function but about inspiration, emotion and art which can change the whole ambience of your room as well as the look. We have been attracted by the design, the artist, the provenance or the journey, or all of the above, and each piece has been carefully considered and chosen for you.



Transform your space with light

  • Happy Birthday Candle Bags

    Overlooking Lake Thun, Switzerland

  • Morrocan Flame Lamp

    This handcut Moroccan lamp brings new dimensions and warmth to a dark corner.

  • Zebra Table Lamp

    This fun Zebra Lamp gives a stunning finish.

  • Eos and Silvia

    Eos Feathers or the Silvia Steel add texture to your space.

Artists in the spotlight

Artists in the Spotlight

Many of our pieces are unique and handmade in a wide range of materials.  Read more about our in-house designers here.

If you are a creator of individual, unique lighting and would be interested in us showcasing your work, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form below.

Ross Meylan

Ross is based in a small village workshop on the outskirts of Oxford and specialises in handmade pieces of furniture for the home and garden. Using sustainable, and where possible, locally sourced hardwoods, his focus is on bringing out the natural character and beauty found in the timber. Each piece in his gallery is a unique design and he will work on a commission basis for customers who require a specific look, size or finish to complement their home.

Joanna Oliver

Joanna studied Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art before spending many years working as an art director in London but during her last years in London re-trained as a potter at Standpoint Studios in Hoxton. Since moving to South Oxfordshire 8 years ago, she has had a studio in a corner of the garden where she has developed a range of domestic ware using both white stoneware and porcelain clays. The glazes are largely homemade with Japanese origins using ash from local wood and recipes given by Nicola and other potters.

Abbie Lathe

Abbie works from her small-holding in rural Shropshire, inspired by a lifelong passion, love and respect for animals.   “I have always been captivated by the beauty of animals. As a child, I would spend many hours lazing under shady trees or lying down by the lake out in the fields, 'hanging out' with the horses, cows and sheep; I found their company such a comfort. Nowadays, I keep ducks and chickens due to the lack of space for larger animals. This then sparked the idea to make smaller versions of the animals that I could not keep myself. 

Chris Georgescu

Chris trained as a Design Engineer in Machine Tools and Technology Design, Prototype Technology and Research. With twenty years experience in architectural, structural and site manufacturing, he started a new venture in design and art in 2014. Made from solid, untainted English Oak supplied by local sawmills, each piece is handmade accentuating the natural grain variances and knots, giving the tree a new lease of life in your home. The beauty of each piece is in its’ uniqueness, full of spirit, charm and mystery and with a distinctly elegant air.

Mia Sarosi

Mia has been working with ceramics since 1991. She uses a porcelain clay made with the best quality raw materials, sourced from around the world and mixed in Stoke-on-Trent. Her ceramics have a high degree of translucency, placing near a sunny window or shining a light or candle inside reveals this special property. Each piece is handmade, thrown on her  potter’s wheel and then painted individually with freehand brushwork; no moulds or transfers are used, simply skilful hand making. Hence each piece is unique, with its own tiny quirks and imperfections.

Rinat Goldwater

Rinat is a UK based artist-designer who creates unique sculptural lighting as well as decorative objects of art for indoors and outdoors. The idea of combining both the artistic and functional worlds came about naturally since she has always been interested in the undefined space between art and design, where art is made functional and the functional is made art. Each sculpture made into a lamp is individually hand-crafted, precisely molded and cast in bronze in the lost wax process; a challenging journey but the result is truly rewarding.

Eric Michell

Creative specialist Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in three-dimensional design from the Staffordshire College of Art in 1973. For more than thirty years he has traveled the world collecting the eclectic and eye-catching and forming a passion to create using signature global influences in new pieces of work. Over recent years, he has sought out interesting elements to convert into unique lighting pieces. Many of these are now in the homes and businesses of people who love those emotive qualities of visual energy, excitement and grace. 

Tobias Hodson

Toby was born in Oxford but has lived in Ireland for many years. He went to the Gloucestershire College of Art and Design and with fifteen years designing and building gardens, this created a broad and versatile base from which to explore flower painting. The choice of subject, its layout, and representation in two dimensions have architectural roots.   Toby’s work is in many galleries and private collections through Europe and America as are his commissions and exhibitions.

Located in the heart of Watlington, Oxfordshire

Located in the heart of Watlington, Oxfordshire

Bella Luce sits on the corner at the top of the High Street in the ancient market town of Watlington which lies at the foot of the Chiltern Hills, close to the dramatic cutting on the M40 at junction 6 where the motorway has been carved right through the chalk hill at the heart of the Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve and where the majestic Red Kites can be seen with their distinctive whistle heard in the skies above. 

Our position enables us to offer a bright, warm welcome to visitors through the day and to residents home in the evening. The two huge windows flood the shop with light, touching the lovely pieces within and at night they are revealed in their element.

Recorded in the Domesday Book as an agricultural community, the Town Hall built in 1664 by Thomas Stonor can still be seen triumphant at the head of the High street which now offers a small but thriving selection of independent, privately owned and attractive shops supported by a strong number of commercial businesses both new and old.  Luxury handmade chocolates, delicious delicatessen treats, all manner of ‘must have’ kitchen gadgets and a fabulous butcher can all be found here alongside interior designers, new kitchens and of course our exquisite lighting.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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